Auto key match?

Love the key match feature. Find myself using it on nearly every mix. Any way to make it auto-activate when loading a track?

Hey @jomtones ,

Thank you for posting this question here in the Algoriddim Community. It’s great to hear you love our Track Match feature.

Using the drop-down on the upper middle of the Track Match panel, you can choose whether you’d like djay to provide a list of Matched tracks for the Currently Playing track, or for a Custom track of your choosing. To find Matches for any track you’d like from your music library, select Custom.

Then drag-and-drop any song from your music library to this Match panel, and djay will do the rest! You’ll have a list of djay-Matched tracks at your fingertips to add to your mix.

Hope you will find this helpful. Cheers!

Hey thanks a lot but my question isn’t about ‘track match’. I want to know if there’s a way to set the app to automatically ‘key match’ for me when I load a track. I’m not playing from an online library.

Hey @jomtones ,

Thanks for your reply and for clarifying!

I will be looking into this with the help of our Dev Team and get back to you as soon as possible, to let you know if this is currently a feature or something we might consider implementing in the feature.


@jomtones there is currently no optional settings in djay to automatically key match all songs upon loading. Even if this was an option, I wouldn’t recommend doing this automatically. Even if you are using the Fuzzy Key Mixing option in djay where the key of the track is only marginally changed, this can still sound off sometimes. Especially with popular vocal songs that people recognize; changing the key even slightly can make them sound off or even bad. Best to always use your ears and manually decide whether to key match or not.

Well , yeah sure. I can tell when I don’t like the results. Since I’m using this function for nearly every mix, it would be nice to have the option.

I understand. Well your best bet is to create a topic in the Suggestions area so other users can upvote the idea and give Algoriddim a better idea of the user demand for such a feature.

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