Auto mix: How get Spotify playlists to play in order during auto mix; how can I get the mix to happen earlier?

how do i automix a Spotify playlist in order? Presently the app picks songs at random. Also is there any way to activate the auto mix earlier- it only kicks in with 10 seconds to go. I have tried setting the transition to 30 seconds with no luck.

Many thanks!

Hi Stephen,

Do you have djay 2 for iPad, iPhone or Android?


djay 2 for Android currently does not support selecting specific playlists. Automix currently only uses the Queue, and once it’s empty djay will revert to shuffling your entire local music library.

Also, “Trigger Before End” is fixed at 10s and cannot be changed at this time.

Hi Warren,

I have it on Android.

I would really like the option to set the “Trigger before end” larger than 10s. A lot of dance/house tracks have a lot of mixing space at the end and only using 10s of that really takes the flow out of any mix.