Auto mix issues with AI upgrade

Before the AI came out, I had no issues with auto mix and my controller and the app worked perfectly together. I’m a wedding DJ and I use the auto mix during cocktail hour and dinner so I can step away. Since the upgrade, the system gives me an error message which states I have to switch to the internal mixer mode to use auto mix. When I do switch to the internal mixer, the auto mix works but other issues creep up. The channel fader I use to control the volume on deck 2 does not work on my controller. It works on my lap top. The cross fader on the controller cuts off the music to deck 2 when I slide all the way to the right. When I slide it all the way to the right on the laptop, it does not cut off the music. The volume on deck 2 stops working completely even after I switch from auto mix in internal mixer mode.

These issues never existed with the djpro2 first version. The ai updates has issues which needs to be checked out. I’m using a pioneer DDJ-SZ Controller. These issues disappear when I switch over to Serato so I know it’s not a problem with the controller. Any advice on how to fix this issue will greatly appreciated.