Auto mix on Dj app takes too long to transition

I just downloaded the Dj app. I’m trying to use the auto mix feature I selected my playlist and the duration for 20 seconds. The songs play from begging to end and don’t transition within 20seconds. Any advice?

If you are using the demo version you are probably not getting all the Automix options.
I have the paid version and you can set all the options you are talking about plus more.
Here is a picture of the menu you will see.
If you like Djay, try the 7 day free pro trial.

Hi @Salgh003,

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You can manually edit the start and stop points for your songs to transition as you would like them to within automix.

The 20-second duration in question is in regard to the total time of the transition between songs itself.

As @SteNight mentioned, these settings can be configured from the Automix options menu.

I hope this information is helpful and if you have any other questions, comments, or concerns feel free to reach back out to us. Have a great day!

It may depend on the style of music, but I prefer to specify in bars.

I have paid for it but for some reason when I auto
Mix even when I put 18 seconds or decrease the bars it just plays the whole song. Even when I adjust the start and stop time idk why

Kept playing past 18 seconds and wouldn’t stop till the end

What is set for the start and stop time? For me it is set to “automatic”, if I set it to “manual”, both values (start and stop) are set to “0 seconds”. This would of course lead to the fact that the titles are played in full length.

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Oh! Thank you so much that worked !!! You are the best chris!

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