Auto play song on 2nd platter via crossfader

Would love to see the following functionality added to the next release of djay for Ipad:

This request would primarily benefit users with a physical controller like the Numark iDJ pro/premium (iPad controller), but this functionality would be useful within the software as well.

What I would really like to see is the option to auto start the song on the opposite deck (from a cue point) when the crossfader is moved passed a certain point (like the half way point). This would then pause the song on the first deck until the crossfader is moved back, at which point the cue point on deck one would trigger and play from that point (if set).

Having used Pioneer CDJ’s in the past it was useful to have two copies of the same song in each player and I could use the crossfader to automatically start the songs or jump to a cue point by sliding the crossfader back and forth. I think they call this auto-cue or something like that? Anyway, would love to see the djay application support this!


There’s an automix mode.

Better than just playing whats on the other platter. How about a list of songs that i drop in and it auto plays and cross fades the whole list song by song. If I get pulled away for a bit during an event the music must go on.