Auto-play when triggering cue point on Mac

I know that on iOS there is an option to ‘auto-play when triggering cue point’. But I can’t find this option on djay for Mac. At the moment when the track is stopped, when I press the saved cue I have to hold it down for it to play. What I’d like it to do is play the cue when I press it once rather than having to hold it down.
Where can I find the equivalent option to ‘auto-play when triggering cue point’ on the Mac?

Thanks in advance


Hello, and welcome to this forum

Look in the settings, go to advanced, and in cue points and loops tick autoplay when triggering Cue point.

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Awesome. Thanks! Not sure how I missed that, so appreciate you letting me know

I’m very happy to help. I’ve had so much help from this forum I’ve only been using djay pro For a few weeks now

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