auto restart button?

just downloaded 4.0
looking for auto–restart arrow that existed on version before
Am I missing it?
thank you

Hi @Roger_Campbell,

Glad to see you posting in the community again!

So that I can better assist you could you please explain in greater detail the “auto-restart arrow” you are referring to in djay?

Additionally, what platform are you inquiring about? macOS or iOS?

Have a great day!

thanks for the reply
restart arrow
it is the clockwise arrow with the dot at end. Can’t find it in newest version. Using Mac Pro 10.14.6

It’s there on my Mac

If it’s not showing there and you only see the word CUE, go to settings, appearance and change the Start CUE Button from CUE to Set/Jump.

That should put it back for you…



It worked!! Thank you!!!

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No problem, glad it’s sorted for you.


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