Auto scrolling track names

Here we are with another ‘all singing - all dancing’ update that adds no end of wonderment to the software, but we still don’t have autoscrolling track titles in the waveform nor the library!

This has been an ongoing issue and gripe for many users for many years, and has been overlooked time and time again.

Can the engineers please go back and have a look at some of the basics that have been long forgotten, and dumped in the ‘bugger it’ box, before using resources on adding new features?

My first post for a while as I’ve been MIA due to a bereavement, anyway, I’m back to moan and bother you all again!


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Sorry for your loss but yes that is a good feature I wouldn’t mind implemented…
Having said that,
I think this latest update was pretty good, especially the feature where EQ settings are not affected when using Neural EQ.


I agree it’s a very decent update. Love integration with Rev5.


Hey @sooteee, welcome back to the community and sorry for your loss.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts and the reminder on this topic. I have brought it to the attention of the dev team. Thanks again!