Auto-select headphone cue based on either order of loaded track or position of the upfader

Just as it says, right now the auto-headphone cue seems to only work based on the crossfader position. Problem is that 1/2 the dj’s I’m aware of never touch the crossfader.

So if I hear you. You want the auto cue to turn on any muted (non live) audio. It does not matter how it got muted it could be crossfader or individual deck channel slider muted it.

This sounds reasonable to me. I like the idea and have upvoted it. I think this is a good suggestion.

Hi guys,

this is a very good request. I talked to a developer on how to implement “both ways”, djaying with the crossfader and only with the line faders.

Thank you for pointing this out, hold tight.

Lukas E.