Auto select headphones

Is there away if stopping the cross fader from auto selecting the monitor buttons? It seems wrong that if the fader is all the way to the left then it selects deck 1 to monitor/pre-cue. Surely it should select the opposite deck to enable pre-cueing?

direction missed! :slight_smile: disable the auto select button in settings > advanced and activate manually if you want to pre listen.

Tnx! it is solved

Same problem on Ipad … it’s a problem with the latest updates

I’ve been using this for years with no problem. It worked exactly as you would want by automatically selecting the inactive deck for pre-cueing. For some reason, last night it started auto selecting the deck which was playing to the master which is of no use. I had to keep selecting it manually. Just did the update and it still selects the wrong deck. Very frustrating!

Any ideas anyone?

I’ve emailed support and they have come back to me asking for more info. Good start at least.

Amazing how something so minor can be so annoying!

Just updated to Version 1. 0. 14 and it is sorted. Well done alogoriddim for getting on this so quickly!

Mine has just started doing the exact same thing on my ipad, i just posted a new post for it then found this, obviously an issue with the software.
ive tried deleting and redownloading the ios app but its still the same.
Djay2 on my iphone is working as it should, its just my ipad thats effected since this morning.

Judging from some replies on here it seems support is few and far between on the forum.
Have you had a reply yet ? Why they would mess this up in an update is baffling !

Yep mines back to normal,have disabled auto updates as a precaution.