Automatic beat detection

Of course you shouldn’t start your set completely unprepared, but especially if you just want to mix a bit for fun with tracks or playlists you might not know that well yet, it would be helpful if Djay Pro AI would recognize and mark tracks that start directly with a beat for mixing. What do you think?

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Hi there. If you analyse all your tracks and then select BPM this might assist you if you just want to have some fun

I do that anyway, but in this case it only helps to a limited extent, because then I also only see after loading the track whether it starts directly with a beat or with vocals or a synth.

Hi @Chris_R,

Thanks for sharing your suggestion!

Can you explain in a bit more detail how you’d like to see this automatic beat detection implemented as opposed to what’s already available in the app?

Thanks so much!

I’m concerned with labeling tracks that start directly with a bass drum, so no synth, no vocals, but directly with the beat. And that in a way that I can see that before I load the track.