AUTOMATIC PLAYLIST CREATION (based on field keywords)

Using Itunes as a back-end to generate superb playlists is dangerous. For years now, I’ve been wary of Itunes, because when you change computers all the time, you lose the Itunes playlist (loaned computer, Itunes that isn’t the same version…).
In short, I used a specific field (I chose “composer”) in which I put the following type of tag on each song.
For example Gloria Gaynor - I will survive, I wrote the tag “dj 70 disco hymn ambiance”.
It would be great if, like the Itunes playlist, Djay could create a list of TAGs based on the word spaces in the chosen field (here: “Composer”).
Immediately Djay would make a playlist like this.

  • dj
  • 70
  • disco
  • hymn
  • ambiance

And we wouldn’t want ITUNES, too unstable, too fragile.

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Hi @StefaneG13, thanks for the suggestion.

  1. Within the My Collection source of djay Pro AI you can create Smart Playlists similar to what can be done in iTunes.

  2. While we do not have a Composer field, we do have several other options including Comments and Grouping

Thanks for the quick response and for the idea.
In both cases (Itunes or Djay), you have to build it filter by filter, contains by contains… and if you change computers, you have to start all over again.
My idea.
We could add the idea of building a playlist by scripting
1 Choose the field that will be used as a criterion (for me, Composer for example)
2 Choose the diacritical mark to be used as a tabulator (in my case it’s a space)
3 The playlist is built automatically in a few seconds

@StefaneG13 you’re welcome. Thanks for the clarification regarding your suggestion. I have forwarded this onto the Dev Team for further consideration. Thanks again for the suggestion!

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