Automatic queue list & pre-cueing

New to DJing here, so maybe it’s a silly question.

I want to simply have a queue list of songs running one after another with no transitions. Additionally, I want to pre-cue songs so I could add them on the fly to the list.

  • In classic mode, it seems like there is no queue list.
  • In Automix mode, the queue list exists but then I don’t see how could I pre-cue songs

How should I go about it? Is there any solution in djay that could work for my needs?

Hi there and welcome to the forum. Not sure I understand this question. You want songs to play by them selves one after the other?

Yeah, I just want to have a simple autoplaying list that I can add songs to while the party is ongoing. There is no need for any neat transition, as people expect to hear each song from beginning to end.

You can do this in Automix. Set the Automix SOURCE → Manual, then drag/drop the songs you want into the Automix list. In the Automix SETTINGS, you can change the transition to cut straight to the next track.

In iOS - there is an option to set the Automix SOURCE → Queue - but this option is not available in other versions of djay Pro.

Note: I see you’re on Android? Not sure how up to date the Android version is.