Automatically play through queue on left track while looping noise on right track

Hi there,

I’m using Djay2 pro for an unusual application - to set focus mood in a coworking space. Here’s what I’m aiming to do:

  1. Loop right track with 16 bars of white noise or cafe ambiance
  2. Play straight through a Spotify queue on the left track without having to manually trigger next track
  3. Crossfade to 2/3 left 1/3 right

I’ve figured out #1 and #3, is #2 possible?


the Pioneer Collective

Try using 4 deck mode … Play your white noise on deck 3 or 4 (set cross fader to “thru” for that deck) … And then try automix for your spotify playlist on decks 1&2 … I just tried it and it seems to work.

For point #3 … Try using thr line faders rather than the cross fader

Yes it is … You are using the pro version right?

Thanks! Four deck mode isn’t available on iPad is it?

Yes, thanks! I figured this out and it works great, though it seems to crash the app frequently. Might be a hardware issue though as I am trying to run it on a first gen iPad mini.

Thanks for your help!