Automix AI overwrites End Cue Points

Automix AI overwrites End Cue Points if AI end point is before the Set End Cue Point.
Please add option to disable AI for automix.

this post is for what appears to be the mac version of the software, not iOS for iPad. the options shown above are not in the app. specifically the song range.

Hey Lukas,

No cue points are being removed.

The Morph Feature is the feature I’ve been waiting for, so I’d rather use that feature.

The video below, notice how at the start cue, AI loads song at the AI Start Cue point.

But it will jump to my Created Start Cue Point when transitioning.

At The end AI will use with ever is first regardless of me wanting to use my own End Cue Points.

Please push this issue.
automix is useless if my End Cue points cannot be used.
Please add option to turn OFF AI for automix.

Hey Lukas,
I’ve solved this issue,
So I’ve tested and confirmed to turn off “AI” ability to choose it’s own Song Range in Automix.
Preferences/Automix/Song Range, must be set to”Manual”.
“Use start and end point of song if available” must be checked.
This will allow Djay to use Start and End Cue points created by the user.
To allow “AI” to select Song Range, “Automatic” must be selected.

Hey Debra. Look up at this post

Ok yes, I noticed that, but thought you meant the Mac,
Yes, I agree, same problem for me

Hey guys. Note the screen shot above. This will end that issue with those settings.
BUT! as of today, it only works on the Mac.
Not the new 2018 version on iOS. The iOS version are currently missing the one setting.

Please see my last comment on this post…

Still a problem…it’s been a year now…

Please don’t forget this issue

Hey Lukas,
Of course. Try it…set an End Cue at a point later than AI’s choice, then set that track to automix. It is extremely frustrating that we had to wait years for not only an END Cue point, also the ability to set one on IOS rather than depend for the Mac to create one.
Now dealing with AI overwriting them now.
I’ve pointed this out right away.
Pushing? This should have been addressed a long time ago.
Thank you for responding, maybe problem solved in another 2 years?

Why is this still an issue?
What will it take for your team to repair old issues that have not been solved?

Thank you

Hi LaidbackFred,

I am sorry to hear that.

Are the End Cue Points getting removed when the track is loaded into the Automix?

You can change the transition behaviour of the Automix in the Automix settings to “Sync”, which was used in djay Pro 1.

Hi Fred,

Thank you for pushing the topic.

One thing I wanted to ask you. Have you tried selecting “Manual” for both Start & End Point in the Automix settings and also of course tick “Use start/end cue points if set” in djay for iOS?

Thank you for checking.

We are aware of this and are working on an Automix update which is addressing the feature.

Thank you for your understanding.


Lukas E.

Still a big issue for me - songs starting way too far into track…