automix and auto sync bpm

The program should be changed such that the outgoing song is slowly bpm adjusted to the incoming song’s value such that the change in BPM is only temporary and the incoming song will sound normal.

10 bpm over 10 seconds is VERY noticeable. 10 bpm would need 30 seconds or more.

Hey there,

the issue was forwarded internally, any feedback and “Me Too” pushes the implementation.

Thank you all for sharing.

Lukas E.

Hi Brian Jones,

thank you for your post.
Is the Auto sync BPM setting activated in your Automix setting?

Lukas E.

This seems like an obvious oversight in the automix feature-set. This seems like a very simple to fix. Why is this not addressed?

I would suggest 3 options:
[] Reset Pitch after Auto-mix
[] Use Slow Speed/Pitch Reset (also works when I click to reset)
[] Pitch/Tempo Range: x% (so i can’t change the BPM more than this)

Best option I’ve found is to make your playlist sorted by BPM, turn off auto-BPM and the mix ends up being pretty close as long as your tracks are stacked with BPMs close enough (typically +/- 4 BPM is advised)

This thread started 3 years ago and I just bought Djay 2, come on algoriddim, how is this still an issue for you almost having the best app ever? I’m a professional DJ and I want to use this app for a “set it and forget it” approach in the car, going to the gym, etc.

Btw, this is the first comment I’ve ever made ever on any thread/community post, ever. It’s that important.

Totally agree with the OP!

Right now, Djay is only doing half the job if it only helps transition into the next song, but doesn’t correct the BPM of the next song once the transition is complete. Why not have Djay readjust the second song’s BPM after the crossfade is complete? Why leave the song at the wrong BPM?

I’ve been corresponding with support about this issue, hopefully it’s addressed. Seems to me like it should be at the very top of the list!

Even better, would be to slowly change the first song’s BPM toward the second song’s BPM as the transition is happening, to make the process even smoother. What I mean is that if the first song’s BPM is 120 and the second song’s BPM is 130, and the crossfade happens over 10 seconds, it should look like:

Second -1: Song A is only playing at 120 - right before crossfade begins
Second 0: Song A and B are both at 120
Second 1: Song A and B are both at 121
Second 2: Song A and B are both at 122
Second 3: Song A and B are both at 123
Second 4: Song A and B are both at 124
Second 5: Song A and B are both at 125 - halfway point, they share the average BPM
Second 6: Song A and B are both at 126
Second 7: Song A and B are both at 127
Second 8: Song A and B are both at 128
Second 9: Song A and B are both at 129
Second 10: Song A and B are both at 130
Second 11: Song B is only playing at 130 - right after crossfade ends

This way, the second song is smoothly left at the correct BPM, and the audience probably could not even notice the transition.

@Tank, you might be right, but that’s just meant as a simple example. The main point is that song B should end up playing at its native BPM after the crossfade is done.

And it would likely be better if both songs tempo changed to bridge the gap in BPM, so the difference is less noticeable on either song (warped tempo might be less noticeable because there are 2 songs playing during a crossfade). Btw, the pitch should be locked obviously, otherwise it’s glaringly noticeable.

Unfortunately, I don’t think they’ll fix this problem unless this and another related thread gets more upvotes, even though it seems like the very first thing I would put my attn on as the developer, especially compared to other random features…

Hi I just bought Djay Pro for my Ipad Pro but I also bought the Reloop Beatpad 2
And I’m Ok with everybody on that topic, it is quite urgent that Algorridim fix this problem. It is a simple feature that exists for example on Virtual DJ
So I left my Pc for an Ipad and the Automix is unable to set back the correct tempo after syncgronisation. Come on guys, you can do it ! Thanks

Good DJs ramp up the bpm as they go along. To make the bpm go up and down according to the song could disrupt the rhythm on the dancefloor. Automation is killing the art of DJing. Pick songs that have a similar bpm and it won’t hurt if songs are playing slightly fast (or, less often, slightly slower).

Any update on this? Will we see it soon?

My problem with Djay 2 is that I like playing my songs at +2% pitch and when I’m using automix, the pitch resets back to 0% when the next song begins to play which I have a big problem with, anyway to set the pitch to stay at +2% when using automix when the next song begins??? I’m using iOS 10 version 2.8.3.

Either way I do, when playing with automix, when the next song begins, the pitch still reset to 0%, any fix for this??

I have this on both my Ipad and Imac and im gutted it doesnt have this option

+1 After using Serato Pyro a bit I wanted to explore other tools that could do very good automixing. Djay2 is quite good, and I have been playing with the automix feature a bit recently with the spotify integration. The autosync is great for helping with a (decent) seamless mix, but I agree that there should be an option to adjust the speed back to the original setting otherwise it gets a bit boring listening to the same BPM. Maybe call it a hype setting … and be able to set the following.
Say I am playing something at 120bpm. it would be very cool to set a schedule… so I want to be at 126 in 20min. Then I want to be around 116bpm 30min after that. and let automix pick tunes from your playlists to get you there. overall helping to change the mood/hype of the eve.

This in addition to just getting the next track back to the original speed over time would be very cool. Especially when using it for a house party (when you’re not behind the decks)

BUMP - psyched about the program and Spotify integration.

But as others have said, the auto-sync BPM is near useless without automatically adjusting the BPM over time.

Could really use finer-grained control over the BPM slider as well - even when I’m manually mixing it’s rough dialing it up or down even 5%. Higher resolution slider would be good, letting us pick the intervals the mousewheel scrolls at would be good. Best would be both of these, PLUS an option to click once and smoothly dial back (or ‘on the beat’) return to original track BPM.

A lot of good ideas in this thread: adding a few simple options to the auto-mix could make it much more accessible and useful.

Any new status on this??
This feature together with a stop que to start the automix would make it perfect!