automix and auto sync bpm

I recently purchased this and love it. I’m by no means a DJ and only use this app in the car. Only question I have is when I’m using the automix with auto sync bpm…the next song starts and matches the bpm to the previous song. But the bpm stays at that adjusted bpm from the previous song. Is there a way to use auto sync bpm but then have the bpm return to normal for that particular song after the transition? thank you

This is actually a great feature idea… You have my vote for automatic bpm reset (delayed over time of course, to make the speed change not obvious).

This is the way the Automix feature needs to work;

Start the first track at normal BPM. Analyse the second queued track. After 60 seconds of the first track start to increase BPM over the middle section until the BPM matches queued track at start of a potential Automix.

4 years ago and still not fixed??? auto-bpm is worthless

Not sure I understand what you mean? +/- 5 bpm for this app is sufficient to auto mix for its tech level. Currently auto-mix is wortheless unless its all the same bmp… maybe some house or +/- 1 bpm but anything else its worthless.

Please do this! I just spent half an hour trying to find the setting for this, this really is the last feature needed for it to be truly “set it and forget it.”

This Idea +100

I would love this feature as well. A gradual transition in speed, starting a little before and ending a little after the song transition, would be perfect. Perhaps with an option to adjust the length of the time transition as well (0-15 seconds before/after song transition, etc).

Hi Michael,

This is currently not possible, but I’ll change your question into an idea.

Hi Lee,

you can download the free djay LE app for iPad.

My problem with the pitch not resetting to “0” is the sound quality is always better at “0”. So DJay would benefit if this option is available.
Is it a patent issue?
Does Algoriddim not have the rights to this feature?

My issue with pitch not resetting to 0% is that the sound quality diminishes when not at 0%. So as a developer, a main goal ishould be to get the best sounding app out there.
Could be that Algoriddim doesn’t have the rights to this feature. But we will never know since Hush Hush is a common practice with Algoriddim.

This is a great idea, and could possibly make for a spinoff app. Folks who might not want/need the full software at full price might be willing to spend a few bucks on a glorified music player that automixes nicely. Every now and then I wish I had something like that in the car…

Thk q give free

Would like to know if this topic from 2 years ago is being addressed.

I have gave plus one plus it deserves plus 25!!!


When im on the automix i need the automix to have these functions:

Don’t match bpm over a choice of 4%,10%, unlimited percentage

After the mix is done never let a song play under a choice of +2%, 0%, -4%, unlimited percentage

After the mix is done never let a song play over a choice of 0%, +4%, +10%, unlimited percentage

If you like this ive got other suggestions about the automix, 2 in cues and 2 out cues, about start fade, middle fade and end of fade…

David L

I miss this very much too. It has my vote as well.

Please do this. A must have feature. Virtual DJ does it and the main reason why I go back to it. +100

Yes, that sounds like a perfect Solution… over to you, Algoriddim-people!

I completely agree!!! It would make your app complete, I even would be willing to pay for it as an add on. You would be the only software around that had that capability.

This option is still not available in djay. However, you can switch off the “Auto-Sync BPM” option to keep the BPM of your playing tracks.