Automix and external controller

Hi guys,

I’m just wondering what happens when you have an external controller connected that has a crossfader on it, and you start automix in djay? Obviously the crossfader is not motorised on the controller, so will the automix crossfade still work? Djay won’t be able to move the crossfader on the controller.

What I’m getting at is, if the crossfader on the controller is pushed to the left, and you switch to automix, will it successfully automix to the right turntable or will the external controller crossfader setting take precedence?

Many thanks in advance,

Hi Chris,

Yes, Automix will still work.

If you move the “physical” crossfader though, then it will update djay’s crossfader position as well.

I always just put the controller’s crossfader in the middle during Automix.

Thanks Warren, that clears it up :slight_smile: