Automix - Automatic Transition Selection Options

Just adding this suggestion in an update for Djay. I think this would be a useful feature.

In Automix settings where it shows which fx to use or select during transition, can we get an option which of the fx we want to use when the automatic selection is checked off? The reason why is cause during transition if Djay chooses which fx to use when Automatic is selected, the volume decreases when neural gets thrown in the mix. All the other fx sound fine during transition with no major volume change like when neural is chosen. So maybe check mark boxes for automatic selection?

Second, on the new tempo drop down menu, possibly add an auto selection for all the fx except those three neural fx or allow tick boxes to select which ones can automatically be shuffled like i mentioned in Automix up above. It would make it easier instead of having to select one from the drop down menu each time.

Love using Djay and all its features. Its only getting better and better!

Thanks for the suggestion @MrG! I have forward this to the dev team for consideration.

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