Automix BPM adjustment after mix

First, I love the automix function and the Beat matching works very well. It works best with sets that have fairly constant BPM (e.g., Club ~128 BPM). However, with variable BPM crates, like Hip-Hop, the automix will hold the BPM at the first track’s BPM unless you manually adjust. I suggest that you add an option to allow the mixed track to gradually automatically readjust to it’s true BPM after mix.

Fully agree, this would make auto mix with BPM match so much more useful. Btw, there is other “virtual” software around that does exactly that, but I still like Djay better for other reasons…

Totally agree with the OP!

(btw, there is another thread about this, but posting here to hopefully draw attention)

Right now, Djay is only doing half the job if it only helps transition into the next song, but doesn’t correct the BPM of the next song once the transition is complete. Why not have Djay readjust the second song’s BPM after the crossfade is complete? Why leave the song at the wrong BPM?

Even better, would be to slowly change the first song’s BPM toward the second song’s BPM as the transition is happening, to make the process even smoother. What I mean is that if the first song’s BPM is 120 and the second song’s BPM is 130, and the crossfade happens over 10 seconds, it should look like:

Second -1: Song A is only playing at 120 - right before crossfade begins
Second 0: Song A and B are both at 120
Second 1: Song A and B are both at 121
Second 2: Song A and B are both at 122
Second 3: Song A and B are both at 123
Second 4: Song A and B are both at 124
Second 5: Song A and B are both at 125 - halfway point, they share the average BPM
Second 6: Song A and B are both at 126
Second 7: Song A and B are both at 127
Second 8: Song A and B are both at 128
Second 9: Song A and B are both at 129
Second 10: Song A and B are both at 130
Second 11: Song B is only playing at 130 - right after crossfade ends

This way, the second song is smoothly left at the correct BPM, and the audience probably could not even notice the transition.

I’ve been corresponding with support about this issue, hopefully it’s addressed. Seems to me like it should be at the very top of the list!