Automix Bugs since V5 & still here in 5.0.1-2

1: Moving the crossfader away from the playing deck and back changes the non playing deck’s track.
2: Every second time you move the crossfader away and back, it brings back the original non-playing track forever!

Automix ON
Crossfader FX OFF
Auto-play when moving crossfader OFF

Moving the crossfader (with or without a controller) a small or large amount from the playing track and then returning it, changes the track on the non playing deck, it also brings back the Original non playing track every second time you move the crossfader back to the playing deck. This is so bad and sensitive that if you tap or nudge the controller it can change the next song up.

The bug is acting as if the second deck plays as soon as the crossfader is moved, even though the options for crossfader FX is turned off and the option for Auto-play when moving cross fader is also turned off.

I have made a video showing both the unwanted changes in the next up song on the non playing deck and also that the initial non playing song keeps coming back every second time you move the crossfader back to the playing deck.

The non playing deck’s track should never change by moving the crossfader until it has started playing and then the crossfader has been brought back to the opposite deck.


Djay V5.0-5.0.2
iPad Pro 12.9"
iOS 16.7

PS. For those who don’t use automix with a controller or to its fullest potential. It is very handy at times when things are slow or you intend to take a break and then get interrupted, to have had Automix turned on and still be able to mix in or out or change songs earlier than Automix does using the crossfader and fx’s and then just be able to walk away knowing it will carry on. I have a midi button on the controller set just to turn on and off Automix.

@SteNight thanks for sharing. I’m happy to report that this is a known issue and I’ve been told it will be addressed in the upcoming 5.0.2 release. Thanks!

Thanks Slak_Jaw, but the only reason I’m reporting it publicly is because I reported it after 5.0 through the beta channel and didn’t get a reply. I can confirm that it has not been fixed in beta 5.0.2 as of today., but thanks for your reply, you are doing a great job on here :+1: 5.0.3 :pray:

Sorry Mr Jaw. It was fixed between beta 5.0.2 at 8:30am this morning and the new one at 5:30pm. :+1::+1:

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Great! Thanks for the update and letting me know @SteNight. Happy to hear it’s fixed.

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