Automix button in Djay2 for the iPad when using in portrait mode

The automix button goes missing when using djay2 for iPad in portrait mode. I also have the djay app on my iphone and it appears fine when I put my phone in portrait mode. Very frustrating when I’m using an iPad Dock that sits the ipad vertically.

I cannot stress how important is this functionality which apparently is missing at present.

I understand that the only option for automix control at the moment when the iPad sits on a dock, is to disable the auto-rotation of the screen so that the dj2 interface stays in landscape mode which makes extremely uncomfortable the use of the application.

Please include this functionality in an update as soon as possible!

Thanks Warren. It seems like a backwards step to be missing this feature in the iPad app when the cheaper iphone app has it included. Given the large number of ipad docks on the market that force you to dock vertically it would make a lot of sense. Hope it can be added back soon!

Any update on this? Still waiting for same portrait mode functionality that’s on the iPhone. Where is automix button for ipad in portrait mode?

Thanks for your feedback.

I changed your post into an idea (= feature request) and will also notify our developers.

I don’t know what the hell they were thinking. The automix button is missing in portrait mode on the Ipad and the platter doesn’t switch between active screens. Yet all these features is on the iphone version. They figured that people using the Ipad use it to DJ not realizing people do use the Ipad version for their car.