Automix Crossfader works different than djay 4.x

the crossfader is not working the same as it did under previous version. Use to be able to transition between decks by click on the closet fader postion to the next deck. now it just jumps to the end and doesn’t slowly transition. Is there a setting to fix this?

Hi @John_Silvestri, you can change the duration, in bars, for the Crossfader transition at the bottom of the new Crossfader FX menu.

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With the new crossfader FX the neural mix FX’s are visible on the iPhone but not there on the Mac. Is there a reason they are not popping up on Mac? I have controller plugged in.

@Madison_Cowan if you have an older non-M1 Mac some of the new features are not available as they require more processing power.

Thanks @Slak_Jaw this is most likely my issue.

You’re welcome @Madison_Cowan

That’s a bummer. I’ve got an 8 core I9 with 64GB of ram in my MacBook Pro. Is that not enough? One day will we at least have the option to give it a shot? I was surprised to notice it worked on my little iPhone but not my laptop. I am still on the 7 day trial period. Thanks for your help.

@_nctr here are the official hardware requirements for macOS and iOS. My basic understanding is that non-Apple silicon struggles with the AI and machine learning computations. This is why your phone works and not your Intel based laptop.

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