Automix - Cue Point to Cue Point on AI for Mac


It seems that an AI feature from the iOS version didn’t make it to MAC.

On the iOS version, you can select to have the tracks Automix from Cue Point to Cue Point.

That feature is missing from the new MAC version.

IMO it makes sense to add it.



You can select to Automix in djay Pro AI for Mac from Start to End Cue Point for each track. Have you tried this out?

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HI Lucas:

I see the option in Automix mode but not Pro mode.

I cannot trigger automixes in Pro mode that will mix from cue point.

If there is a way, please point to the page in the user manual and I will read it. Thank you.

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Thank you Max:

However, activating automix doesn’t automatically enable cue point to cue point mixing.

In Pro mode the feature is disabled, but it is available in the ‘Automix’ and ‘One Deck’ mode, but none of the other modes.


You can use automix in any mode. To enable start and end cue points, just go to setting>automix.

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