Automix deletes same titles from playlist

I ́m working as Tango - DJ and there we need pauses between titles, especially after so-called “Tandas” i.e. 3-4 titles of same orchestra for example. Then there is a interruption normally of 4-5 seconds; which I create by a special “break-title” I fit in. This break is repeated many times in the playlist; but automix deletes after playing the first break the other (same) “break-titles” following… I go crazy! I don’t want to drag and drop every time these break-titles “just-in-time” - then I don’t need “auto mix”!!! Is there any help for me?

Hi Alexander,

I assume you are referring to the Mac version.

Do you select the playlist as source or do you add the songs to the Automix queue?


The 4.0.6 update was mainly for Mountain Lion compatibility. It does not contain a fix for this issue yet. However, I think I may have reduced the problem to a certain scenario (please correct me if I’m wrong).

It seems like this only happens when the song that is going to be played next on the other deck (the one you are transitioning TO) is the same as the SECOND song in the queue. No other duplicates will be deleted, only the second in the list.

For example: Deck R is active and playing. On Deck L, a song called “Don’t delete me” is loaded. In the Queue, you have:

  • “1st Song”
  • “Dont delete me”
  • “3rd Song”
  • “Dont delete me”
  • “Dont delete me”

Now, if you press the left arrow to switch to Deck L, “1st Song” is loaded onto Deck R and the Queue will be:

  • “3rd Song”
  • “Dont delete me”
  • “Dont delete me”

I hope I wasn’t too confusing.

Hi Warren, first thank you very much for your quick response!

I use Djay 4 for Mac and add the songs to the Automix-Queue; there’s the problem - not on the track’s table.I drag the list from the track’s table (where I load it from I-Tunes) to the queue.When Automix plays the first break-title there, then the next break disappears and so on. This does’t happen, if I play the list by Automix on the track table (no tracks on the queue); but then I have the problem, that here my individual start-stop information from my I-Tunes Library does’t work - which works on the other hand if I play the list from the Queue-bar! I wonder why…


P.S. :This Friday I have next DJ-Performance in Italy near Perugia - I hope, I ́ll get it… (otherwise I would have to work from I-Tunes what is a little bit boring…)

Hi, Alexander,

I have exactly the same problem with my djay for mac. It occurs when I add the songs to the Automix queue. It’s very annoying.

I wrote to the Algoriddim support and received a reply from Zoey more that 4 monts ago that they were able to reproduce the problem and that the developers were looking into it.

Today I installed the latest update which was recently out (I believe it is djay 4.0.6) but the problem is still there. I would have thought that for 4 months they had fixed it but it seems it is either too complicated or not a priority :frowning:


Thank you very much for this solution, Warren, the way I understand it is each time to add the repeating song twice in a row - in this way only the first one will get deleted and the second one will remain and get played. This is a nice way around the problem and it works for me! But, please, do fix this at some point, djay is such a great piece of software that it deserves no flaws :slight_smile:

I use this same work around - would be great not to deal the problem in this manner.