Automix DJay2 iPhone

Hello, I bought DJay2 for iPhone. Is there any way to adjust the crossfading using automix. Every song fades 10 sec before end. I did not find any adjustment to change that. 2-3 sec are enough. Please help.


You need to change the “Trigger Before End” setting which can also be found under “Transition”.

Please click on Automix and then select “Transition”.

Thanks DJ Rivera,
I just tried out these settings. Thats just the time for the effects. It does not influence the 10 sec-point of change to the next song.
However, thank you liking my pic.

Hello Warren,
thank You. I can’t find this point under Transition. There are only Style, Durée and Auto-Sync BPM.

Great!!! Thank You, the Button I missed.

go to settings button to the left of the red light the record button it looks like a bolt or a nut . ( iphone display see both turntables not just one view )

  • then swipe down until you see transition ( right below general )

-tap on duration and you will have your choice of time frame the blend will last in automix . ( play with the differ times to find one that suits your style )

hope this helps keep it rocking.

like your pic too : - )