Automix External Mode possible now?

Hey all!

I want to use Automix on my DDJ 1000 SRT and I assume that’s in external mode.

Is that possible now? I think I read it was being worked on.

If not are there other controllers that I can buy that have this function?


Hi @Danny_The_Swedish_Mu, Automix only works when the djay mixer mode is set to internal. Most supported DJ controllers use internal mixer mode. A good example of this is the Reloop Mixon 8. Typically only DJ Mixers like the Pioneer DJM-S7 use external mixer mode. Here is the full list of currently supported hardware for djay Pro on iOS.

Thank you very much!

To not buy one that happens to not work with internal mode, could you please let me know which Pioneers do?


You’re welcome @Danny_The_Swedish_Mu


Great! Does FLX10 work as well?


@Danny_The_Swedish_Mu the FLX10 is not currently officially supported, but you’ll find some non-official MIDI mappings on this forum if you search.

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