Automix Feature Requests

Just a couple of suggestions for djay and djay Pro on iOS (or wherever else you might release it). First though, just want to say that I absolutely love the software. It’s by far my favorite way to DJ. Prefer it to my full Traktor Pro 2 install on PC. Anyway, two things, both involving the Automix feature:

  1. When running Automix in a playlist on shuffle, I would actually prefer it if songs added to the queue played in order and not shuffled. Generally, I’ll let a playlist just shuffle, but at some point want to pick out a few songs to play next and I’ll set those up in the queue. It would be great if those played as I set them and then Automix went back to shuffling the rest of the playlist.

  2. It would also be great if Automix could recognize when songs have already played. In the example above, if I pick a few songs to play manually in the queue, Automix might still choose to play those same tracks just a few songs later at random. I would love if Automix somehow recognized that I had added those songs to the queue and pushed them to the back of the sort.

  3. I know I said only two, but this one just came to me: Would be nice to have an option to change the “played state” of any track. Just to press and change the red check mark to indicate if the song had been played already or not, and have that affect its position in the Automix queue.

Thanks for listening. Looking forward to your Windows 10 release, which I will buy without question as soon as it’s available.