Automix from Folder

Please add the ability to automix songs in a particular folder. I don’t have enough room for my entire music collection on my tablet, so I create a folder of MP3 files for each event I do on my laptop and then copy it over to the tablet. It would be great to then be able to set automix to play just from that folder.


Thanks for posting to the community!

I will definitely pass your Automix feature request along to our dev team for further review.

Looking forward to hearing what you’d like to see next in djay for Android!

i need that too, any news how to do it on android?

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Not yet but the dev team is aware of this feature suggestion. I will keep this thread updated when I hear any news regarding this request!

Any update on this? The easiest way to accomplish it would be to allow a folder of songs from my device to be pulled into the queue list. Since we can’t create playlists in djay, at least could set up folders of certain songs on the device and pull them into the queue all at once. That would be a super helpful workaround.