Automix from saved que point

As the heading suggests, an option to automix from first saved quepoint. When I’m feeling lazy I still want my tunes to be automated to the correct 16 bar structure.

@Donall_O_Cleirigh thanks for the suggestion.

  1. I’m guessing you mean so you don’t have to use the existing Set Start Automix points?
  2. If so, I believe this functionality already exists.
    a. In Settings>General>SONG LOADING> set the Jump to Cue Point to either
    b. Cue Point 1 or,
    c. Earliest Cue Point (1-8)

    d. When songs load in Automix they should load to your first Hot Cue and Automix from here.

Hi thanks for that. The songs start from a point set by the app in auto mix. See those white lines under the waveform, there are no cue points set there but the song starts at the begining of that white line.

So even though I’ve changed the settings above it still starts her. Not sure if it’s doable.

Unfortunately Automix doesn’t take any notice of the Song Loading options and the options are either Automatic (where it chooses), Manually set seconds from start or set an automix start point. This is more than sufficient to do what most DJ’s want but if you have thousands of tracks it’s real pain setting an automix start point for each track. It would be a a nice additional option to use a preexisting cue point.
I also realize that a DJ’s starting cue point might be a totally inappropriate place for automix to start the track, hence the automix start point will take precedence over everything…

@Donall_O_Cleirigh in my testing, with only a single Hot Cue set, and the following settings, djay loads to the red Hot Cue while using Automix.

Weird, perhaps works on the computer but didn’t seem to work on the iPhone.

@Donall_O_Cleirigh I tested it on iPad and iPhone. Can you please share screen shots of your Automix Settings and Song Loading Settings?

New screen shots for you. Hope these are what you need.
Thanks btw, all this figuring out issues is how you run a company. :+1: :+1:

@Donall_O_Cleirigh you’re very welcome!

  1. Thanks for the additional screen shots. Your settings look correct to me.
  2. Please confirm that the songs you are Automixing have at least one saved Hot Cue in them so the system knows where to start the track.
  3. Also, it probably wouldn’t hurt to close djay and perform a Forced Restart of you iPhone: Force restart iPhone - Apple Support (CA)

Aah, because I did all my tracks on the iPhone directly on the waveform they are set cue points.
Is there any way to change all the et cue points as hot cue ones?

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