Automix has stopped working! PLEASE HELP!

Hello all,

I have been using Djay2 on my iPad for the past year with no issues.

Today, the automix feature suddenly stopped working. I’ve been using a Standard transition with 20 seconds for both Duration and Trigger Before End selected. Instead of triggering the next track, the track went to the very end and then the next one in the queue began, and the crossfade was activated.

I’m at my wits end - can anyone help? I can’t see any settings that I might have accidentally changed to cause this. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you!

Did you just upgrade to the latest version yesterday?
If you did and now the automix is screwing up, Guess what!!!
DJ’s neverr upgrade on day one. Too dangerous!!
Never have auto update on for your IOS device either.
I have had too many apps screw up on an update, then you have to wait for an undetermined period of time for the issue that was never there, to be sorted out!!!
I’m lucky enough to still have a jailbroken iPad so I keep all the old versions of Djay and can load anyone I want to.

my iPad didn’t auto-update, but thanks for the tip