Automix ignores my end cue point

I’m using Djay Pro 2 on Mac. I have start & end cue points set on my songs on a playlist, and I’ve added the playlist to play on Automix. The start cue point is being respected which is great - but the end cue point is just ignored entirely. I have my Automix Preferences set to:

Start Point: Automatic
End Point: Automatic
and “Use start and end point of song if available” is ticked.

So, is this a bug or have I missed a setting I need?…

Try these settings, it worked for me.

Hmm, I had the same exact problem until I set those settings exactly like that image. Sorry

Hi there, 

did you try to Select “Manual” for Start and End Point?

Cheers,Lukas E.

Hello, Algoriddim, a little help here?

Thanks mate, I’ve just tried those settings, but unfortunately it still blows straight past my End cue point and plays the song out to the end before transitioning.

I found the solution, I had Manual set and it was still ignoring my end cue points but the problem lay in how I was adding songs to Automix.

I was dragging my playlist directly onto the Automix “deck”, and I didn’t realise I had to click Automix down the bottom of the screen to open the Automix playlist on the right hand side and add songs there. Now that I’ve discovered that feature, Automix is working great! Hopefully this would help anyone else who is struggling to wrap their head around this software.