Automix in djay Pro AI not starting from cue points

Hi all,
I’m using DJ AI with a 2018 iPad Pro 12.9
Ive never used auto mix as ive never needed it, but now need to use it!
But it will not start the songs from my set cue points!
And YES i have it set to “use start/end cue points if set”
Ive unset it, re set it to no avail.
Can anyone help?

Hey Chris,
Which is your start cue point?
Hot Cue (yellow).
or Start Cue (red).

Thanks for your reply,
The cue point is the yellow arrow, if i load the song during normal use it loads at that point!
But in auto mix it starts the song right at the beginning

And here’s the same song loaded in auto mix! You can even see the cue point, which its ignored

Hey Chris,
Follow these numbers to get where you need to be to set the Start/End Cue points.
4=Start Cue
5= End Cue.
These two will solve your issue. Enjoy

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Fantastic ill give it a go thanks!

Right! I set start point as you described & it works! The song starts where i want it to, but do i need to set an end point? I haven’t and all seems ok!

Hey Chris,
Sure thing, here’s a tip for any young Djs out there.
1st photo;
Try setting your Automix Duration to 8 bars or 32 beats.
8 bars is a good length for most songs to transition.

2nd photo;
Go to the point where say the person starts to sing (yellow arrow).
Then tap Back 32 beats (red arrow).
Set your Start Cue (red check mark).

Also, set your Automix Transition to Automatic (yellow arrow photo1) and listen to the magic of A.I.!
Make sure you leave it on sync. :blush:

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Yes, you’ll need to set an End Cue Point at the Break of the song.

Great stuff thanks for that, and thanks for the compliment “young DJs” :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: long time since I’ve been called a young DJ ive been at it 43 years :+1::headphones::microphone:

I’ve been DJing with Djay since 2011 and love it, and I can usually work out how everything works, but was just stuck on this one!
I’ll set up as you said thank you, I don’t really need sync though as I simply want each song to fade into one another straight forwardly, as I’m using auto mix for a Christmas Party dinner, where guests arrive around 6pm, dinner is at 7.45 & finishes at 9pm so I just need a nice mix of tunes running as I wander round introducing myself & taking requests & shout outs for later in the evening, ive been doing this gig since 2013 see pics of the venue :+1:

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Hey Chris,
Nice photos, good for you.

Auto mix is amazing once understand the ins and outs of a mix and how it transitions.

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