Automix is skiping songs

Hello, I have djay pro version 5.1.3 on the ipad Pro and when I select a playlist on automix it mostly follows the order of it but at random points it skips a song and plays it later or doesn’t play it at all. I would like for the automix function to just follow my playlist’s order. Is there a function I’m overlooking? A checkbox that should be on or off for that to happen?


Hi @Yan_Jamacaru,

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  1. Automix will skip songs and move onto the next if it has issues loading and fully buffering the song.
  2. What is the source of the songs in your playlist?
  3. If from a streaming service or cloud storage, what is the speed of your internet connection?
  4. Are you using a VPN?
  5. If Automix skips a song, are you able to manually load that song to a deck with no issues?
  6. Please note that streaming services sometimes remove songs from their catalog without notice.

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