Automix Issue: Repeating songs already played

  • Device model iPad Air 5th Gen
  • Version of operating system iOS 17.4.1
  • Version of djay e.g. 5.1.2
  • Hardware/controllers usedDDJ SB3

**Summary of the issue: After I’m done actively DJing at a party, I like to put djay pro AI on Automix, lower the volume and let it continue playing. Some guests like to keep vibing on the dance floor. I noticed that Automix seems to play songs that have already been played while I was actively DJing. I’m wondering how to fix this problem. Is it a bug? Or is there a solution that I’m missing. Thanks! Neil

Hi @neilsachs, Automix does not know which songs you played during your DJ set so if you start Automix after your set using the same playlist it will simply run through the playlist. I recommend that you turn OFF “Shuffle” and “Repeat” in the Automix Settings (see below). If you DJ through your playlist in order and do not have “Shuffle” turned on in Automix, it should simply continue down the list until it reaches the end. Your other option would be to select a different playlist for your Automix session after you finish your set.

This is a very good answer and thank you. Very much makes sense.
Additionally, could you ask the development team to amend Automix such
that it is “aware” of songs already played on a given playlist? That would
be wonderful. Thank you! Neil

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You’re welcome @neilsachs. I’ll pass you suggestion onto the dev team. Thanks!

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