Automix Issue w/ Tidal

Our DJs are experiencing an issue when automixing tracks from Tidal on DJay 4.1 on MacOS. What will happen is it works great for several songs then randomly it will act as if the computer lost internet and the track will not fully load and cycle all the remaining tracks in the automix cue. The issue has happened on several different computers (M1 MBA) and events this last weekend.

what happens if you turn the video integration off?
also - is the host computer wired to internet or relying on wifi?
I had similar issues - not automix specific - with a tablet over wifi. when I switched to ethernet, and dual stack DHCP/DNS (IPv4 and IPv6) specifically, the host started behaving as expected

We use video on our DJ booths to display images on our TV built into the DJ booth. We would very rarely use it without video. This is an issue with 4.1 because for years we used Tidal and DJay togheter with no issues. We use known working WiFi at the venue and we all have a hot spot we use as a backup and the issue happens on both.

my suggestions were meant more as troubleshooting aids than criticism. have you tried them? back at the shop, when not under show pressures?

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Thank you. I do have a a thought of what my issue might be. I have had several events at the same time as other events. I wonder if the update to 4.1 you can only play tidal music in one location at a time like the desktop and iOS tidal app.

Spotify and Tidal has always work like that.

You login from your computer to tidal.
Then if you login with phone to tidal, tidal thinks that you want to replace computer with your phone.
In worst case, both devices might be locked out and no streaming priviledges.

So 1 stream, 1 device and 1 account is the best in any situation.

Spotify was had more strict rules, if you had family account, and your kid logged in.
Your stream in dj pro was logged out as the account was shared between 2 devices.

The 3rd party app streaming priviledges were valid only if there wasn’t another device connected to your account.

So 1 account, 1 device. Keep it that way and you are fine. No simultaneous logins to same Tidal account during dj set.

We have had all services since they started and never experienced this issue until 4.1 update. In the past we had no issues with 1 tidal account on many devices.

Hi @Logan_Pennington,

So sorry to see that you ran into this issue.

Thank you very much for sharing that video with us though!

I wanted to let you know that djay v4.1.1 has just been released. Could you please test this Tidal issue out on the newest djay update and see if the issue continues to occur?

Looking forward to hearing back from you. Have a nice day!

@NathanielAlgo Thank you! I have staff going out tonight, so we can test it. I know it happened to 1 of 3 teams again last night however I’m not sure if any of those computers updated or not to 4.1.1. Texting everyone now to update before tonight.



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