Automix keeps playing, however audio stops being sent.

I manage a college radio station, and we are using DJay, on automix, as our automation software for when students aren’t on air.

We use an Imac to run this on, then our audio is sent to an Audioarts Air 3 console via auxiliary cable to rca to rca to rj45.

The console then goes to a Mac Pro via usb codec. Where we use nicecast to stream over a wavestreaming server.

At some point during the night the Audioarts console stops receiving music. I look on the Imac where we have Djay installed, and music is still playing on Djay, but no audio is being received by the console.

Are there any settings on Djay that we are missing? I certainly hope it isnt the console or the imac.


How is the Audioarts Air 3 connected to your iMac? What is your devices setup in djay? Please upload a screenshot.

I can’t really take a picture of it, as we are streaming and I do not want to disrupt our stream. The Console is an analog board, so if it receives audio then it will play it.

Physically it is connected from the console with an RJ-45 cable to RCA, RCA to standard headphone input into the iMac. Essentially acting as the iMac Speakers.

We have no devices hooked up to djay, it plays music from our itunes library.