Automix - Line Under Waveform

I am new to using DJAY Pro so pardon my ignorance. I’m sure this is easy but I haven’t been able to find an answer via Google so I am helping you all can help me.

When I am using automix I notice all the songs have a faint line towards the beginning and end of the track under the waveform. It coincides with the song fading in or out. What is that called? Can I change it?

This is the area that Djay uses for Automixing the songs. So the beginning of the line near the End of song you are currently playing will be lined up and played over the beginning of the line near the Start of the new song. Basically these lines and parts of the songs will be overlapped with each other. The length of the line represents the Duration of the Automix either in bars or seconds.

Yes, you can change these lines in the Automix settings (see below). For starters you can change the duration or length of the lines. I prefer to use bars instead of seconds as this ensure the song structure it kept in tact during the mix. You can change the start and end points to be Automatic which I think would work best for you. You can even set a maximum duration of the song to play.


Thank you. I’ll have to explore a bit. I appreciate the response.

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Welcome to the Community and to djay, @loren! I’d like to clarify a few things above and beyond the helpful information @Slak_Jaw has shared. :pray:

First note that Automix functions in basically the same way on djay Pro AI on both iOS and Mac, but the settings look a little different on Mac. I’ll provide screenshots below for Mac. As Slak_Jaw stated, the lines you’ve asked about are the areas of the songs identified by Automix for automatic mixing.

Please note that you cannot change these lines using the settings, but you can change how Automix behaves. For example, if you don’t want to use the automatic mixing areas as indicated by these lines, you would change the Song Range settings to Manual, and then set the desired Start point and End point in seconds at which you’d like the Automix transition to take place. In changing these settings to Manual, Automix will ignore those lines and will instead use your manual settings. Please see the screenshot below for where to find these settings:

You can change the duration of the transition itself by adjusting the Duration settings to Manual, and then setting the desired length of the transition either in seconds or in bars. Below you’ll find it set to a transition duration of 8 seconds:

Go ahead and try out the different settings, and I think you’ll soon begin to get a feel for how it works. Here are a couple more resources to provide additional information about Automix and its settings:

  1. djay Pro AI for Mac User Manual - see pages 33 and 44 for overviews of Automix

  2. How to Use Automix: Part 1 | djay for iOS YouTube Video - While this is specific to the iPad, it may be helpful for you getting started!

Let us know if you have any other questions! Happy Automixing. :notes: