Automix & Mic usage

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  • Device model:
  • Version of operating system: Sonoma 14.3.1
  • Version of djay: 5.1.3
  • Hardware/controllers used: Reloop8

Your question:

While playing automix it is not possible to use the mic channel? Correct or I dismiss any settings?


Hi @Andreas_Wierstorf, you can definitely use the mic channel while in Automix.

  1. Please remember that you need to set the Source switch on the Mixon 8 Pro to Mic 1 or Mic 2 instead of USB A, USB B or Line.
  2. Also, make sure the Channel 3 or Channel 4 Fader is up and the Gain is adjusted accordingly.
  3. You should also switch to 4 Deck Mode and set your Crossfader Assignment for Deck 3 and 4 to Thru so your Mic channel isn’t affected by the Crossfader movement during Automix.