Automix misses sync on some cue points

Some tracks or tracks combos don’t seem to work correctly with Automix. The end cue point goes by on tracks A, but it doesn’t start tracks B on the same beat. Instead it waits one bar and then starts tracks B on the second bar past the cue point on tracks A. This makes the mix off-beat and it sounds awful.

It only happens on certain tracks. It’s pretty consistent with those tracks as far as I can tell. I can’t see any common connection between the songs this happens on. I’d say it does this with about 10% of my library.

I have made a movie to demonstrate. Sorry if it’s a bit fuzzy:

DJay Pro AI Automix Error

Djay will do that to me from time to time. It just happens.
Try to set your Start Cue Point just before the actual Beat.

You should use the SYNC button, it will help your mix sound better.
While showing your problem, your video also shows the 2 songs at different speeds.
If you (The DJ) do not manually adjust the speed SYNC will do it for you.

Just mentioning for information.


Hi @tikilab,

Welcome to the Algoriddim Community Forums, and thanks for bringing this to our attention.

In addition to the useful tips provided by @LaidbackFred, it would be helpful to our development team if you could send some examples of the tracks you found Automix to have trouble mixing properly so we can take a closer look into why this might be happening. Are you using only local tracks or does this also happen with tracks from a streaming service?

If they’re local tracks, you can send them as an attachment using our support request form. If they’re streaming tracks, please send us a list of a selection of the song name/artist name for the tracks.

Thanks in advance for your help troubleshooting!

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