Automix - no BPM sorting

In the Ipad version, I’m finding that the ability to use the automix is really limited by the fact that you can only point it to pre-existing playlists, not to a BPM range. Unless you have pre-existing BPM ranged playlists, you’re getting a random mix of BPMs. It’s possible (but tedious) to create these lists in other apps but then the BPM is calculated by that app and may be different from djay!

I bought the Mac version as well to see how this is handled and it’s a little bit better. but what you really want is a way to add a BPM range to the automix cue, and preferably harmonic filtering as well! This would take the app into the truly awesome range in my opinion and it seems like a smallish change. Thanks, Paul

I agree with the last option for the Mac.

But i have also another wish:

Can you make also an option in DJAY to reset the BMP to its original BPM after a Auto MIX?
I mean. Deck A has a song with 130 BPM and Deck B has a song with 132 BPM. After a manual or automatic AUTOMIX from Deck A to B, Deck B plays with 130BPM whereas it is 132BPM. After Deck A is gone i would like to see that Deck B is automatically raising the BPM to 132.
In Futuredecks Pro this option is standard and works great!!