Automix not respecting start and end points?

Hi, newbie here, just wondering if there are any known problems on macOS with start and end points not being respected for Automix? I see that this was a topic around 2020 but supposedly was fixed, but I’m definitely still experiencing it in v4.1.10. I have “Use start and end point of song if available” checked, and in case the other Automix settings make a difference: Transition is currently “Automatic,” Duration is “Manual / 0 bars,” and Tempo Adjust is off. I have tried a few other settings for these as well.

I have carefully selected start and end points for every track in my collection. For this particular project, while key matching and some tempo adjustment from the AI might be nice, beat matching is not strictly necessary: these are not dance tracks that I’m working with, and all I truly need is the ability to create clean, instant cuts between them at the exact points I specify—not one to two bars later, which is what is happening now. It sounds terrible and clearly can’t be used as is, and now I’m worried that I’m going to need to recreate almost 200 cue points in some other format or program because Automix can’t do this basic thing that I need it to do. Any help would be hugely appreciated!

Hello @raffishtenant, welcome to the community! Sorry to hear you’re experiencing this issue. I don’t have access to a MacOS device, so I’ll share screen shots from iOS which should be pretty similar. It’s sounds like you are doing everything correct, but let’s go through everything step-by-step just in case.

  1. Please provide a screen shot like the one below showing your set Automix Start and End Cue Points. These are special Cue Point shown as White & Gray triangles on the waveform.
  2. In the Automix Settings window under SONG RANGE>Start/End please provide a screen shot of this window. Ensure that at least the Use start/end cue points if set is enabled.
  3. Next in the Automix Settings window under SONG RANGE>Maximum Song Play Duration please provide a screen shot of this window as well. In my experience, it is best to have this turned OFF because a duration shorter than the time between your mix points could cause the Automix to start early.
  4. Finally make sure in the Settings>General>SONG LOADING>Jump to Cue Point is set to Start CUE. This will ensure that when the next track loads in the Automix that it starts at the Automix Start Cue.
  5. Since you want an instant cut with no transition or beatmatching, I think this is the source of the issue. I tested this myself, and while Automix is correctly using the Start and End points, the Automix seems to struggle with instant cuts. In my testing there is a delay of 1-2 beats, not 1-2 bars, before the new track starts at the Start Point.
  6. I did some additional testing and what I discovered that seems to work best is to have the Duration set to at least 1 bar and the Tempo Adjust set to Morph.
  7. I realize this won’t give you the instant cut you are looking for, but maybe you can test and see if this is a suitable work-around while we investigate the issue further.

Thanks Slak_Jaw. I don’t think my screen shots will be needed, since I can use yours for reference, and it’s pretty clear where the issue lies. For this project, I’ve decided to step away from Djay and simply lay my tracks out in Premiere—which is tedious as all heck and obviously eliminates most of my live control during the gig, so it’ll be nice when there are more options. There are times when all the clever morphing in the world is no substitute for a simple A-to-B cut that’s right where you put it! (Hmm, maybe I need to pull that MiniDisc deck out of storage…)

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You’re welcome @raffishtenant. Sorry I couldn’t be of more help.

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