Automix not working on Mac M1 Pro


I use DJ Pro Ai 3.1.10 on my Mac and 3.8.9 on my iPad.
On my iPad Automix is working, on my Mac not, why?


Dose your sound card support multi channel mixing if not you will need to install a new sound card that’s what I had to do.

Hi @dergerman,

Thanks for reaching out about this problem. Automix is a feature included only with the PRO subscription in djay Pro AI on iOS and Mac. Are you using the same Apple ID in the App Store on both your iPad and your Mac? Please note that you’d need to do so for djay to recognize your PRO subscription across both devices.

If this is the case, and Automix is still not working on your Mac, could you please provide a screenshot or short screen recording of what happens when you try to use Automix on your Mac?

Thanks in advance for the additional information.