Automix on iOS (djay3) not using song end points

The Automix found in new Djay app for iOS is ignoring previously-defined song end points despite the fact that the end point mode is set to “manual”. I haven’t found a set of menu configs that allows automix to work properly, regardless of the track. In all cases, Automix is playing past the end point and only transitioning at the very end of the song.

In my case these are spotify tracks that had custom end points that I had created on Djay Pro 2 on Mac, where these end points are stored in iCloud. The iCloud sync seems to work just fine, as I see the end markers on the track waveforms when I play them on the iOS (djay3) app.

I have no such issues when using Automix on Djay Pro 2 on Mac directly, with the same songs - all of which have a custom end point. I also did not notice this problem with the previous iOS app (pre-subscription model), also using end points that I first created on the Mac version and synced via iCloud.

I can reproduce this easily with seemingly any spotify track. Using an iPhone XS with the paid subscription to djay on iOS.

The new iOS version is awesome, but unfortunately the app is useless for me right now, so I’m hoping we can get a fix!

Thank you!

App: djay (3.0.4)
iOS Version: 12.1.2
Device: iPhone11,2
Product: com.algoriddim.djay_iphone_free.pro_loyalty.monthly

I just stopped using djay 3
Returned to using Djay Pro

Thank you for your hard work.
Quite frankly, it shouldn’t have been released without that option. It’s been available on the Mac, and clearly the person running this show should have screamed “wait! A good developer never leaves an important feature behind”.

Thank you

Oh man!!!
It’s only 9:30am my time and was already having a terrible day.
And this will totally make up for this.
Thank you guys for all your hard work!!

We’ve been working on this feature for iOS, including a user interface to access and adjust start end points. This is coming very soon. Thanks for your patience and please stay tuned on this.

I totally get your point and I agree with you this is an important feature. The thing is, we did think about this, and decided we’d rather include the feature on iOS when it’s done right and with a proper user interface, so users are actually able to adjust both start and end points intuitively in the app. The feature is somewhat buried on Mac right now and we went back to the drawing board to make it right. Sorry about the wait and I hope you’ll enjoy using it when it’s out.



Any word on this? Sadly I cannot use the iOS app until this is fixed :frowning:

Hi Jason,

We will support a “Use Start End Point” setting soon.

Thank you for your feedback Jason.

Cheers,Lukas E.

Hi guy,

with our latest update for djay for iOS (3.1) you are able to set Start and End points directly in djay for iOS.

Thank you for your feedback and have fun with our latest update.

Lukas E.

Is this out yet?