Automix options

Couple of automix options that I think would be handy:

  • only play songs in BPM range (+/- beats/%)
  • mix in key

Both contingent on having a song analysed that meets the criteria of course! But it’d be cool if you could tell automix that, e.g. if you’ve randomly sorted a playlist then don’t try to mix a 145bpm techno track in to a 115bpm new beat one - try to find a track that’s more like 145bpm +/- 2bpm. Maybe just skip tracks & move them to the end of the list if they can’t be played, and play the next track as per usual if it can’t be analysed in time?

Feel like a couple of seemingly minor changes would make automix really powerful…

Hi @Algy_Taylor,

Thanks so much for sharing your Automix suggestions!

We’d be very interested in seeing what the other users in our community have to say about this as it may very well be a great feature request to continue to look into.

Thanks again!