Automix - Play playlists sequencially like other music apps


I absolutely love DJay Pro and I use it for my professional DJing. Besides DJing, I also teach fitness classes and when I do, I use the PaceMaker app on my iphone to play my tracks with transitions and beat matching.

I would prefer to use DJay Pro on my iphone when teaching fitness classes. The one thing that would help would be if Automix would just allow me to play a playlist but allow me to advance a few tracks forward. Example, if I start a playlist the first track in the playlist, I would like to be able to play the 5th track in the playlist w/ transition effects. However, I would want Automix to play the 6th track next automatically. As it is, Automix would play the 2nd track in this situation which isn’t ideal.

It would be nice if I could ditch Pacemaker and use DJay pro only. Pacemaker only allows me to use my mp3s and their limited streaming service unlike DJay pro which has lots of streaming options.

Hey Jeff,
In my case I would just remove 2-4,
Maybe not a solution, but a work around.

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Thank you Fred for the suggestion.

That would be fine but when I use Automix, I am usually teaching a fitness class so it would be a bit cumbersome in that context.

Hi @DJ_Jeff_Playa,

Thanks for the suggestion!

I completely understand your use case and will be sure to pass this along to our dev team for further review.

Looking forward to your next great post in the community!

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It’s something I have complained about how automix randomly plays tracks that were deleted from the queues playlist on the Mac version. It’s still an issue months later.