Automix Playing Entire Songs

I use djay pro for Android. Is there a way to set automix so that it always plays the full song? I’m not looking to have the app actually beatmix the songs, but rather just do a crossfade from one song to the next. I’d like it to start the next song at the beginning when there are about 4 seconds left in the currently playing song. When I have tried to set this up, the apps seems to be choosing a spot in each song to start and stop. I see there is an option to manually set a starting and stopping point, but that would be time consuming. Is there a setting that would do what I’m looking for automatically without that extra effort? I would be using this for continuous play of background dinner music at a wedding.

Hopefully the following will help….shots on my iPhone but the iPad works the same way.
If you’re on a Mac, I’m sure it will be similar.

You can also set the transition mode etc from the settings page…

Hope that’s what you’re after.


Oops….just reread it and you state you’re on Android…my bad!!!

Not sure if Android has this function…:crossed_fingers:t2:


Thanks for the info, but as you suspected the Android version is different.


Automix on Android does have some differences to the iOS version, but it should basically work the same in terms of the settings, as @sooteee shared above.

Here is a screenshot of how you can set the djay Automix settings on Android to achieve what you’ve described:

Please let me know if that works the way you were wanting it to. Or if you have any other questions, I’m happy to help.

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For automixing whole songs, no beatmatching, I’ve found these settings work well …

On “Automix” settings

  • Transition = automatic
  • Duration = automatic
  • Tempo adjust = off
  • Start point = manual, 0 seconds
  • End point = manual, 12 seconds
  • Use start and end points of song if available
  • Turn off maximum song play duration

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