Automix Problem on Windows

Hello Guys,

I have a Problem with my Windows Version of DJ Pro.

Today I tried to use the Automix function. This function used to work the last sessions I used the app a few weeks ago.

Since today, everytime I click on “Start Automix” the failure message “Automix Radio not available - Please log in to Spotify in order to use Automix Radio”. I am currently using Tidal for mixing and dont get why I should log into Spotify. Also DJ Pro stopped the support of Spotify (or the other way round) and this message makes absolutely no sense to me.

I am on the Win 10 Ver. 1.0.27697.0 ´.

Tanks for the replys!


Hey Steve,

Welcome to the Algoriddim Community Forums, and thanks for bringing this to our attention.

Our development team is aware of this bug with Automix in djay Pro for Windows and is currently investigating the issue. I’ve passed along the additional information you’ve provided to our team, and I’ll keep you posted with any updates here.

We kindly ask for your patience in the meantime, and I hope to be in touch again very soon.

I wanted to follow up about this issue. We’ve just released an update for djay Pro on Windows that should fix this (version 1.0.27703.0). Please update your software when you get a chance and feel free to reach out with any feedback you have.

Thanks again for bringing this to our attention. Happy mixing! :headphones:

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