Automix question

I’m a little confused by what is and what is not available on the free version of Djay 3. I have been watching a video introducing the benefits of Djay 3 and it clearly states that Automix is available on the free version .
I have recently bought a Pioneer DDJ-200 controller purely because it was compatible with Djay for IPad, I am now informed that it is only compatible with Djay 3, forcing me to upgrade. On upgrading I find the one feature that I really need, Automix, will not work without paying for a subscription (99% of the pro features are useless to me) despite the above linked video stating the opposite. Please can somebody confirm once and for all whether I have been taken for a ride? I need Automix but have no intention of paying for this single feature.

Hi Alan,

Thank you for getting in touch.

Regarding your controller, you can find informations on all supported controllers in the djay Pro app, please note that controllers which came out after the last update of djay Pro are not supported.

The Automix as used in the mentioned video is available in the free version as well.

In the free version, you are able to use Automix with manually triggered transitions, if you want the Automix to play automatically, this feature is only available in the subscribed version.

Cheers,Lukas E.