Automix removes loaded trak

Hi to all,
Is there a way for Djay not to remove the track that is already loaded in the B deck when I start automix.
And why it clears the manual playlist when I choose another source for the automix !
Thank you

Hello @Vasco_Martins ,

Thank you for writing in our Community!

Just to be 100% clear on your current setup and these issues themselves, could you please tell me the following:

  1. What device are you currently using?

  2. Which MacOS version is running on your device?

  3. Which djay version are you using? (please open the djay settings and scroll down to determine the version number)

  4. Do you currently have a PRO subscription, or are you using the free version of djay?

  5. If possible, could you please send a video of the issues so we can take a closer look into this for you? You can share the video directly using this link.

Thanks in advance, and I look forward to hearing from you!

Hi, thank you for the reply.

  1. Macbook 2021 M1 pro
  2. Ventura 13.1
  3. V 4.1.1
  4. FreeTrile
    5.uploaded the video

Basically I am in automix and creating a “manual” playlist and when I go out of the “manual” to check “matched” tracks for inspiration and go back to “manual”, all the work is gone !